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Going For 2

Welcome to Going For 2 featuring Intern Jimi Werner and Andy!

Going For 2 is about all things sports. We'll hit on the hot topics in everything from NFL to amateur wrestling.

Our sports interests are wide-ranging and our years of armchair General Managing make us the foremost experts on everything sports (in our own minds).

We're going to try to keep the episodes fresh and interesting by tackling different topics on a bi-weekly basis. 

Mar 9, 2018

Who knew so much could happen in just two weeks? It's a good thing we're back to break down everything that is happening in the world of sports just for you.

The Olympics ended, and we saw the U.S.A. take home two huge medals in curling and women's hockey. Is Amanda Kessel the best Kessel?

Staying on the ice, we discuss...

Feb 23, 2018

We have another packed episode for you guys this week.

As the Olympics come to a close, we take a look at our favorite moments so far and discuss our thoughts on the Winter Games as a whole.

Okay, yes, football is done, but we couldn't go through this episode without talking about the draft and combine. Find out what we...

Feb 9, 2018

We start out in the most logical place with a full recap of the Philadelphia Eagles win over the Evil Empire in Super Bowl 52. We then put a wrap on the NFL season by covering some of the big news from the league. Where do we think Kirk Cousins will end up next season? 

College football recruiting is pretty much done,...

Jan 26, 2018

We cover it all in this episode, and Andy finally gets to talk about his frustration with the Pirates. Get ready.

Now that the Steelers are out of the playoffs we take a look back on the Divisional loss to the Jaguars and explain how frustrated we were with the playcalling. Sticking with the Steelers the discussion...

Jan 12, 2018

Going For 2: Episode 11 is LIVE!

We start with college football and discuss the crazy game we witnessed in the National Championship between Alabama and Georgia. Jimi thinks it was one of the best games in a while, but Andy doesn't necessarily agree. Next, we look at the bowl season as a whole and how these final games...